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About Us

MSAL - Who we are & what we do.

Marine Services Auckland Limited is a New Zealand owned an operated company that specialises in all aspects of on and off the Water Marine support.

We have an impressive track record in providing extensive Marine based support ranging from Salvage, Heavy Marine Transport, Wreck removals, construction and tailored special projects to a range of clients throughout New Zealand.

MSAL is based within the Auckland region however we have the ability to provide nationwide support, and the success of the company is testimony to our dedicated, experienced and well resourced team that has continued to grow for over 35 years.

Marine services Auckland limited has an extensive range of floating plant and facilities that give us the capacity to undertake a multitude of projects at any one time.

MSAL on water services have been tested and proven time and again and is reflected in the variety of successful projects completed.

Our Vision

We firmly believe that every job deserves the utmost attention and expertise, regardless of its size. From minor tasks to large-scale endeavors, we bring our best resources and capabilities to the table. We understand that even seemingly small projects can have a significant impact, and we are ready to meet and exceed your expectations regardless of the scale.

By embracing adaptability and maintaining a flexible approach, we ensure that our clients receive tailored solutions that precisely match their unique requirements. We carefully assess each project’s specifications and challenges, leveraging our extensive expertise and resources to find the most suitable resources for the job at hand. Our goal is to consistently deliver excellence and surpass your project goals while maintaining a proactive and responsive mindset.

Diverse Array or Services

Marine Services Auckland Limited can offer a diverse array of services to its clients. In addition to extensive on water Marine support Marine Services Auckland Limited  have the ability to provide emergency salvaging services and have a proven knowledge of the marine environment and the problems faced with restricted site access and remote site locations.

When you choose MSAL, you can trust that we will apply our adaptable nature, flexibility, and can-do attitude to every aspect of your project. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service, reliable support, and the right resources to ensure your project’s success. No matter the size or complexity, we are here to support you every step of the way, turning challenges into opportunities and delivering outstanding results.